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4 Ways to Avoid Problems with Your Foundation

Highlander Waterproofing Offers Exceptional Foundation Repair in Erie, PA

If there are cracks in your home’s foundation or you’re finding leaks in your basement, then you’ve already been ignoring the warning signs of foundation issues. It’s important to always keep your eyes open for foundational issues before they become a very large – and expensive – problem that you will need to deal with afterwards.

Below are some mistakes that can cause problems with your foundation and make things worse if they are not dealt with immediately. As professionals in foundation repair in Erie, PA, Highlander Waterproofing will be able to help you solve any foundation issue you come across.

1. Grading Issues

If the soil around your home is not properly excavated, it can direct water towards your home rather than away from it. It’s important to ensure that your soil is sloped a minimum of 6 inches in 10 feet so that the ground slopes away from your home.

You or a specialist in foundation repair in Erie, PA can check the slope by using a level. If you measure a 2-inch gap, this means that over 10 feet you will have a slope of approximately 10 inches, which is good.

2. Poor Downspout

Downspouts should be able to direct all runoff water away from your home. However, if you do not extend your home’s downspout about 5 feet away from your house, you will only be dumping water on the foundation, which will require extensive foundation repair in Erie, PA. You can purchase extenders to put under the ground and direct the water towards the curb or a drain.

3. Water Problems

Don’t allow the soil around your home to get completely dry, which will shrink during an extended dry spell. A big rainfall just might soak the soil and make it expand significantly, which will put stress on the walls and require foundation repair in Erie, PA. During dry seasons, run a soaker hose around the perimeter of the house a minimum of 6 inches from your foundation and about 3 inches underneath the soil to keep it from contracting and expanding.

4. Root Wars

Roots from trees and shrubs will compete with the soil for water during times of drought, which will lead to the foundation settling and sinking unevenly. If this occurs, the drywall might crack and the doors and windows may stick when you try to open them. To avoid this from happening, be sure to plant trees and shrubs far from the home so they don’t suck out the moisture from the soil. When in doubt, contact Highlander Waterproofing at (877) 415-0564 for the absolute best foundation repair in Erie, PA.