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Common Basement Leaks and How to Fix Them

A leaking basement is common in many homes, but even the slightest leak can be an annoyance to the homeowners. A leaking basement doesn’t always mean poor construction and many leaks are caused due to time and natural wear. When you’re in the need of basement waterproofing in Buffalo, NY, it’s important to determine the cause of your leak. Below are a list of the most common types of basement leaks and how to fix them.

Floor Cracks

Generally poured from concrete, basement floors don’t have any real structural value in the home’s foundation. Since the concrete is usually only 2-4 inches deep, it’s easy for cracks to form overtime. Depending on the size, you can use a sealant to fill these cracks or contact your local professionals in basement waterproofing in Buffalo, NY to take care of the job once and for all.

Cove Joint

The cove joint is a very small opening where the wall meets the floor, which occurs during the build of the foundation. This opening allows water to seep through due to the basement’s hydrostatic pressure pushing it upwards. When looking into basement waterproofing in Buffalo, NY, your best bet is to have French drain installed, which will give the water somewhere else to go aside from your basement floor.

Window Wells

The seepage from window wells comes from rain water rather than ground water pressure, as they allow light and air to flow freely through them. If the drain is clogged or missing, water can easily come through and pool around the window. If a drain does not exist, contact your professionals in basement waterproofing in Buffalo, NY to install one for you. If you already have a drain, then you may need to replace the window liner if it has separated from the foundation wall.

No matter how your basement leak is occurring, Highlander Waterproofing can solve all of your leaking basement issues efficiently and effectively. Contact us at 877-415-0564 to inquire about our services in basement waterproofing in Buffalo, NY. We are proud to serve Western PA, Western NY, and Eastern OH.