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Signs of Foundation Problems in Your Home

A faulty foundation in a home can become a major problem and if it is left unaddressed, even the smallest of issues can transform into significant problems. The best thing you can do is keep a keen eye out for any issues that could be compromising the integrity of your foundation’s structure. However, the common homeowner may not be aware of what to look for when they’re concerned about the structure of their home.

Below are some tell-tale signs of foundation issues that require structural damage repair in Erie, PA.

Cracks in the Foundation

If you’re concerned you’ll need structural damage repair in Erie, PA, you’ll first want to investigate for any cracks in the foundation. If you notice any hairline fractures, gaps between the bricks, crumbling of the concrete, or buckling of the foundation floors, then there may be an issue that warrants further investigation and possible repair. Walk through your home and take a solid look at the foundation to be absolutely sure on any potential damage or construction errors.

Water Damage

One of the biggest causes of foundation problems requiring structural damage repair near Erie, PA is inadequate water drainage features. If water is not allowed to drain effectively away from the home, the surrounding soil will rapidly expand when wet and then contract once dry again. All this expansion and contraction can lead to soil shifting, which places a lot of pressure on the underlying foundation. Any amount of water damage warrants immediate intervention from a foundation repair specialist, like those at Highlander Waterproofing.

Sagging Floors

If you notice any parts of the floors that are sagging or sloping, this could be a sign that there is something wrong with your home’s foundation. Sloped or sagging floors can often be noticed more easily on the upper levels of the home. Any sagging or sloping of the floors should be looked into quickly and Highlander Waterproofing has the right contractors for the job.

Windows and Doors that Stick

If you’re having a hard time opening and closing your doors and windows, there may be a shift in the foundation of your home. All windows and doors should fit snugly in place and if not, they may be a sign that you’re in need of structural damage repair in Erie, PA and the surrounding areas. Ill-fitting doors and windows can lead to a variety of problems such as uncontrolled heat loss and higher utility bills.

Be sure to keep an eye out for any one of these signs so you can get intervention right away. When you’re in need of structural damage repair in Erie, PA or the surrounding area, contact Highlander Waterproofing today at 877-415-0564.