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Don't Let Drainage Issues Threaten The Foundation of Your Home

At Highlander Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, our goal is to catch problems early and to work with homeowners to solve them so they no longer occur. We find that proper drainage is critical to a structurally sound foundation.

When heavy weather events occur, like record rainfall or heavy snow that melts, it’s important to address drainage issues to prevent foundation issues in the future.  The soil in the Great Lakes Region is known to be difficult to work with at best and it takes a practiced, professional team to understand and set up drainage systems like the French Drain.

There are different types of French drains, such as interior and exterior options available to homeowners in our area. A French drain is oftentimes installed with a sump pump and/or a battery backup system in a basement or crawlspace to provide a solution for water leaking inside your foundation walls. Homeowners sometimes opt for yard drainage to remedy a soggy, swampy yard, it just depends on the property and the particular lay of the land what would be the best solution. 

A French drain goes by many names...

Some homeowners refer to it as drain tile or a perimeter drain, while some call it a French ditch, subsurface drain or subsoil drain.

Whatever you want to call it, a French Drains is installed to help prevent water from causing damage to the foundation of a building, like single family homes, townhomes, condominiums, garages, barns, etc. . They also may be used to properly distribute water, like those for yard drainage.  

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