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French Drains 101

A French drain is a type of drainage system built to channel water away from buildings and low lying areas. These rock-filled trenches are built with a perforated pipe and direct water down a slope in order to prevent it from going inside of the building, especially the basement. If you have a French drain installed, but it does not seem to be diverting water away as it should be, contact us at Highlander Waterproofing for complete French drain repair in Erie, Pennsylvania.

French Drains, a History

French drains became widely used after they were described in the 1859 book, Farm Drainage, written by Massachusetts lawyer and agriculture enthusiast, Henry Flagg French. He knew that too much water could destroy a family’s crops, and published the book to provide better drainage solutions for farmers.

How These Drains Work

French drains function by water collecting through the perforations at the bottom of the pipe. As it collects, the drain directs the water to another destination. You may be in need of our French drain repair in Erie, Pennsylvania if you’re noticing that the water is not filtering through these perforations.


French drains have a variety of different uses for the home, farm, or business. These drains are exceptional for channeling surface water away from the property, preventing a vast amount of water damage in the building. French drains can also be built into retaining walls in order to lessen the pressure on the wall or build inside the building itself to stop any water that may have found its way in. At Highlander Waterproofing, we not only provide French drain repair in Erie, Pennsylvania, but we install them as well!


There are plenty of advantages to installing a French drain. For one thing, they are easy to install. Not only does this make French drain repair in Erie, Pennsylvania a breeze, but it allows for minimal construction performed on the property. French drains are also relatively inexpensive, so you can economically direct water away from your home and save on costly water damage repairs. The best part is that aside from needing the occasional services in French drain repair in Erie, Pennsylvania; these systems are virtually maintenance free!

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