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How to Prevent Foundation Problems

If you notice cracks, sloped floors, or leakage then there’s almost certainly an issue with the foundation in your home. The longer you go without addressing any potential problems with your foundation, the worse – and more expensive – they can become. If you feel you’re in need of wall crack repair in Buffalo, NY or the surrounding areas, you’ll need to not only understand what to look for, but how to prevent them in the future. Below are some foundation problems you should be on the lookout for that can eventually become major situations if they are not addressed in a timely fashion.

Poor Grading

Grading is very important in order to ensure that water is sloped away from the home during stormy weather or floods. If too much water is allowed to pool around the perimeter of the home next to the exterior wall, it can cause the soil around the home to expand very quickly. Once that water evaporates, the soil will then contract, leaving gaps and uneven ground around your foundation.

Over time, this can cause uneven soil settlement, which can then lead to issues with the foundation. To prevent this, make sure that your yard is graded a minimum of six inches for 10 feet so the soil slopes away from your home. A specialist in wall crack repair in Buffalo, NY should be able to help consult your grading issues as well.

Allowing Water to Completely Dry

In situations where there’s been heavy rainfall or snow has rapidly melted, you don’t want to let the water around your home completely. This will aid in the problematic soil expansion and contraction mention above.

Instead, run a soaker hose around the perimeter of the house at a minimum of 6 inches away from the foundation and 3 inches underneath the soil to help minimize any exaggerated soil contraction and expansion. If there are any major issues with your foundation wall, you’ll need professional wall crack repair in Buffalo, NY, such as the services provided by Highlander Waterproofing.

Planting Large Trees Too Close to the Home

Large trees with expansive root systems will start to compete with the water in the soil around your home if they are planted too close to the structure. This is especially true during a drought as the tree’s roots will be seeping up as much water as it can manage.

If roots compete with the soil for moisture during these times, the foundation can settle and sink unevenly, which can then lead to drywall cracks and sticky windows and doors. Highlander Waterproofing specializes in wall crack repair in Buffalo, NY and will take care of any foundation problem you have quickly and effectively.

Make sure not to make these mistakes in order to avoid any foundation issues in your home. For wall crack repair in Buffalo, NY and other waterproofing services, contact Highlander Waterproofing today at 877-415-1564.